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  • Diagnostic Testing May (5/26/18)
  • Saturday Diagnostic Testing (6/2/18)
  • Diagnostic Testing June Mondays (6/18/18)
  • Diagnostic Testing June Wednesdays (6/20/18)

Every Saturday at 8:30am. Pre-registration required. Call or email.

Upcoming Test Dates

There are no tests scheduled at this time

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Manjri Gupta

Manjri Gupta
Axios Director

A Message from Our Director

AT AXIOS TUTORING & TEST PREPARATION, WE ARE ALL ABOUT BIG NUMBERS, PARTICULARLY THOSE ON YOUR GRADE REPORT OR SAT / ACT TEST SCORES.  For over seven years, we have been helping Pittsburgh area students achieve their academic and collegiate goals. We achieve these results because we develop our own curriculum, and hire the best tutors. Our location provides a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, away from the distractions of home, with subject matter experts who can respond to those questions that your children can no longer answer at home.

Getting Ready for AP Exams and SAT Subject Test

SAT prep, SAT Subject Test Prep, AP Test
All though optional, taking AP Test and SAT Subject Test (depending upon what colleges you are applying to), may provide the much needed advantage on your college application and financial relief on your college tuition bill. Offered by the same
File under Academic Success

When Should You Take The SAT,ACT With Essay?

portrait of young female student at school classroom
A question students ask when preparing for the SAT and ACT is: “Should I take the test with or without writing?” The answer has evolved since the new SAT was introduced in March 2016. The Essay was always optional on

ACT Class for July 14th Test

ACT Boot Camp
For the first time, ACT is offering a July testing date – 14th. Students are recommended to register for this test at the earliest. This week long, all day camp will be comprehensive full preparation for the test. Small group