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  • Diagnostic testing (2/20/16)
  • Diagnostic testing (2/27/16)
  • Free Comparison Test (2/27/16)
  • Diagnostic Testing (3/5/16)

Every Saturday at 8:30am. Pre-registration required. Call or email.

Upcoming Test Dates

There are no tests scheduled at this time

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Manjri Gupta

Manjri Gupta
Axios Director

A Message from Our Director

Our Class of 2016 students have started to hear from colleges they applied early. We are absolutely ecstatic on all the acceptances that have come in so far – Harvard, U.Penn, John Hopkins and Vanderbilt. Congratulations to all the students!!

AT AXIOS TUTORING & TEST PREPARATION, WE ARE ALL ABOUT BIG NUMBERS, PARTICULARLY THOSE ON YOU SAT / ACT TEST SCORES.  For over five years, we have delivered these numbers by having the lowest number of students per class compared to any other test preparatory class in our region.  We invite you to call us and discover how we can partner with your family to bring out the best in your students.

Getting Ready for College Interview

The thought of meeting and sitting down to talk to an admissions office or school alumni about why you are interested in and believe you are a good fit for a particular school is daunting.   How you respond and conduct
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On KDKA During Snow Cancellation

Saturday, January 23rd, is a popular day for high school students to take those ubiquitous scholastic aptitude or SAT tests. But, this winter snowstorm is taking its toll on students and their families as schools cancel the exams for weather.
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2015 PSAT Scores Now Arriving January 7th

PSAT 2014
PSAT scores from the October 2015 PSAT/NMSQT test have been delayed. According to an update released by Collegeboard, online scores should become available January 7th. Along with its new format will be new criteria in both scoring and reporting. CollegeBoard
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