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  • Diagnostic Test June 3rd (6/3/17)
  • Diagnostic Test Tuesdays (6/13/17)
  • Diagnostic Tests Thursdays (6/15/17)
  • Diagnostic Test Tuesdays (6/20/17)

Every Saturday at 8:30am. Pre-registration required. Call or email.

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There are no tests scheduled at this time

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Manjri Gupta

Manjri Gupta
Axios Director

A Message from Our Director

AT AXIOS TUTORING & TEST PREPARATION, WE ARE ALL ABOUT BIG NUMBERS, PARTICULARLY THOSE ON YOUR GRADE REPORT OR SAT / ACT TEST SCORES.  For over seven years, we have been helping Pittsburgh area students achieve their academic and collegiate goals. We achieve these results because we develop our own curriculum, and hire the best tutors. Our location provides a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, away from the distractions of home, with subject matter experts who can respond to those questions that your children can no longer answer at home.

Three Crucial Tasks to Complete Before ‘Checking Out’ for the Summer

Summer is for college planning and in order for that to go smoothly, there are a few things High School Juniors (aka Rising Seniors) should take care of before they ‘check out’ of school. Update or Create Your High School

Announcing Summer 2017 Programs

Summer Camps, Classes & Workshops Make the summer of 2017 a summer of opportunity and give your student a head start for the upcoming academic year. Ÿ Ÿ SKILLS BUILDING/ ŸREMEDIATION/ ADVANCE LEARNING/Ÿ STUDY SKILLS Ÿ TEST PREPARATION – SAT, ACT, SAT
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SAT Subject Tests: Which ones are needed?

SAT Subject Tests are one hour long tests, used for college admissions purposes. There are about 24 different subject specific tests that are offered by Collegeboard. So how you decide ‘which ones are needed?’ When it comes time to determine