Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events

  • Diagnostic Testing (12/5/15)
  • Diagnostic Testing (12/12/15)
  • Diagnostic Testing (12/28/15)
  • Diagnostic Testing (12/29/15)

Every Saturday at 8:30am. Pre-registration required. Call or email.

Upcoming Test Dates

  • SAT (12/5/15)

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Manjri Gupta

Manjri Gupta
Axios Director

A Message from Our Director

AT AXIOS TUTORING & TEST PREPARATION, WE ARE ALL ABOUT BIG NUMBERS, PARTICULARLY THOSE ON YOU SAT / ACT TEST SCORES.  For over five years, we have delivered these numbers by having the lowest number of students per class compared to any other test preparatory class in our region.  We invite you to call us and discover how we can partner with your family to bring out the best in your students.

Axios Student of the Year 2015-16

Last year we created our ‘Wall of Fame‘ to recognize students with stellar academic or testing achievements. This year, as we continue to add new names to the wall, we are taking it a step further by celebrating one student
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Online Tutoring – Pass or Fail???

As internet services become increasingly available, families look to technology to solve problems and to make life more efficient. Many of us use Nest to regulate our thermostat, track our bills with Mint, and coordinate family schedules with Cozi. But
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FREE TEST OFFER: Which Test – ACT or New SAT is Best?

FREE TESTING: October 31st and November 14th, 2015 Attention: High School Juniors New SAT (rSAT) arrives March 2016,  Find out: WHICH TEST IS RIGHT FOR YOU? ACT OR rSAT Take the New Comparison Test   This is a 4 hr
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