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Getting Ready for AP Exams and SAT Subject Test

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All though optional, taking AP Test and SAT Subject Test (depending upon what colleges you are applying to), may provide the much needed advantage on your college application and financial relief on your college tuition bill. Offered by the same

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Avoid a Springtime Slump

Avoid a Springtime Slump!  Tips for Studying Smartly To Finish the High School Year Strong When it comes to college admissions, good grades are paramount to receiving that coveted letter of acceptance to the College or University you’re dreaming of

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ADHD: What every parent NEEDS to know

Let’s start with a clarification. ADHD is a medical condition, not a personality flaw. Just as you need to be aware of, monitor, and support any other medical condition your child might have, the same is true of ADHD. Here’s why: A

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What Do Colleges Look For In High School Transcripts?

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Because college admissions are more competitive than ever, an accepted application often comes down to the details. For instance, high school transcripts are an excellent way for students to positively differentiate themselves from other applicants. But what exactly are colleges

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New Year’s Resolutions for High School Students

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New Year’s resolution for high school students – from freshmen to seniors, there are worthwhile strategies that students can employ in 2017 that will vastly improve the college admissions process ahead. With the clean slate of the New Year upon

Writing to Manage Test Anxiety

Writing to manage anxiety

Doing well on tests is as much about “Game Day Attitude” as it is about “Proper Preparation”. Unfortunately, when it comes to standardized tests, the majority of students experience some level of test anxiety. Despite having the skills, some students

Learn About How Your Child Learns

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Consider that no two people are alike. That means that every student will have his or her own unique cognitive skills and strengths. Since cognitive skills identify how a student learns best, it’s vital to know what cognitive strengths and weaknesses

Does Handwriting Really Matter?


Throughout history, civilizations have devised ways to mark their ideas down for posterity.    Cave paintings dating to prehistoric times provide early evidence of man’s desire to document his surroundings. More than oral history, writing has provided us a much better

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Axios Student of the Year 2015-16

Last year we created our ‘Wall of Fame‘ to recognize students with stellar academic or testing achievements. This year, as we continue to add new names to the wall, we are taking it a step further by celebrating one student

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Online Tutoring – Pass or Fail?

As internet services become increasingly available, families look to technology to solve problems and to make life more efficient. Many of us use Nest to regulate our thermostat, track our bills with Mint, and coordinate family schedules with Cozi. But

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