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The Unparalleled Power of the College Essay

College essay

After all the grade point averages, SAT/ACT scores, and AP class final exams have been tallied, it sometimes seems that college admissions are whittled down to a set of numbers, unfeelingly used to measure an applicant’s potential. And while the

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Letters of Recommendation – Things to Consider

Preparing for the test

Letter of recommendations is a very confusing aspect of college admissions. Either student misses their importance or over think it. Ideally speaking, letters of recommendation provide a first-hand account of who the student is, their conduct in an educational setting,

Three Crucial Tasks to Complete Before ‘Checking Out’ for the Summer

Summer is for college planning and in order for that to go smoothly, there are a few things High School Juniors (aka Rising Seniors) should take care of before they ‘check out’ of school. Update or Create Your High School

Coalition App – College Common App of the Future?

Comprised of admissions deans from universities around the country, The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was recently developed to improve the college application process for all students, as they search for and apply to their perfect college. These admissions

College Visits – How to do it?

Many students/families are getting ready for their first college visits. At Axios, we believe visiting colleges is one of the most important things you can do, next only to academics, as you begin to think about colleges. Why we think

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