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The First SAT is in…

After much anticipation, the New SAT has finally arrived. In the months leading up to its release, the secrecy surrounding its new format created a fever pitch of speculation and fear rivaling the panic incited by War of the Worlds.

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Getting Ready for College Interview

Have you been called for a college interview? The thought of meeting and sitting down to talk to an admissions office or school alumni about why you are interested in and believe you are a good fit for a particular

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On KDKA During Snow Cancellation

Saturday, January 23rd, is a popular day for high school students to take those ubiquitous scholastic aptitude or SAT tests. But, this winter snowstorm is taking its toll on students and their families as schools cancel the exams for weather.

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What Differentiates Axios’s Small Group SAT/ACT Classes?

As with anything else, you have many options available for test preparation. Making the right choice is a critical time and money decision. Your student deserves a serious, fact-based consideration in picking the right training course.  At Axios, we are

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