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When Should You Take The SAT,ACT With Essay?

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A question students ask when preparing for the SAT and ACT is: “Should I take the test with or without writing?” The answer has evolved since the new SAT was introduced in March 2016. The Essay was always optional on

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Should You Send Scores to Colleges When Registering for SAT/ACT?

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As part of registering for the SAT/ ACT test, Collegeboard and ACT allow you to be able to send your test scores directly to four colleges at no additional charge. Collegeboard even extends a nine-day grace period after the test

October 2017 PSAT Scores Coming Soon

PSAT Scores

PSAT scores from the October 2017 PSAT/NMSQT test are expected to become available to school counselors starting December 5th. Students will be able to access their scores online starting December 12th. To access their scores, students will need to create

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Top 3 Reasons Why the PSAT/NMSQT Matters More Than You Thought

When it comes to prepping for the SAT, most students and parents view the PSAT, or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, as a simple test-run of moderate importance. However, the PSAT—and your student’s results—wields more influence than you might realize. Though

National Merit Scholarship Competition – Timeline and steps

For Class of 2019 getting ready to take the PSAT/ National Merit Scholarship Competition test in October 2017, below is the timeline for the competition

SAT Subject Tests: Which ones are needed?


SAT Subject Tests are one hour long tests, used for college admissions purposes. There are about 24 different subject specific tests that are offered by Collegeboard. So how you decide ‘which ones are needed?’ When it comes time to determine

SAT, ACT Test Day Checklist


SAT, ACT test day checklist is created to make sure our students are ready to battle the tests. These are difficult tests, not only for what is on them but also for how long they are. From start to finish,

How has the ACT Test Changed?

Preparing for the test

2016 saw complete overhaul of the SAT, which created a lot of noteworthy buzz around it. Even though more students around the country take ACT test, it stayed relatively away from the spotlight. Unlike College Board, ACT prefers gradual changes

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What is Score Choice?

What is Score Choice?

Given that most of the students take SAT and/or ACT more than once in order to get their optimal score, one of the most common  questions that many students and parents have is which scores to share with colleges and

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ACT Essay To Revert Back to 2-12 Scoring


Beginning this fall with the September national test date, ACT will no longer report ACT writing test scores on a 1-to-36 scale. To reduce confusion among users, the writing score will instead be reported on a range of 2-to-12, with

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