SAT Subject Test Preparation:


Here is a list and brief description of the Subject Tests available:

Biology E/M
There are 2 biology tests. Each contains 60 general biology questions on cellular and molecular biology, ecology, classical genetics, organismal biology and evolution and diversity. The E-test has an additional 20 questions on ecology; the M-test has an additional 20 questions on molecular biology.

There are about 60 questions on the test, based on six to eight passages. About 30% of the exam is focused on literature of the Renaissance and seventeenth century; 30% covers literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth century; 40% is focused on works written after 1900.

Math Level I
There are about 50 questions. The test covers algebra, geometry (Plane Euclidean, 3-dimensional and coordinate), trigonometry, statistics/probability and miscellaneous topics (logic, elementary number theory and arithmetic and geometric sequences.)

Math Level II
There are 50 questions on the test. Test covers algebra, geometry(Plane Euclidean, 3-dimensional and coordinate), trigonometry, functions, statistics (probability /permutation /combination) and miscellaneous topics (logic and proof, number theory, sequences, limits, standard deviation, least squares regression etc.)

NO CALC ALLOWED. There are about 75 questions on mechanics, heat, kinetic theory, motion, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, magnetism, modern Physics and misc topics

U.S History
Test contains about 90 to 95 questions. About 20% are based on history from pre-Columbian times through 1789 and 40% are from 1790 to 1898; the rest cover the period from 1899 through the present.

World History
Test contains 95 questions that cover world history from ancient times through the present. About 25% of the test is on world history through 500 C.E; 20% covers the years 500 through 1500 C.E; 25% covers 1500 through 1900C.E. The last 10% is cross-chronological.

There are about 85 questions. To do well, you should be familiar with the structures of matter, states of matter, reaction types, stoichiometry, equilibrium and reaction rates, thermodynamics, descriptive chemistry and general laboratory skills.

Chinese with Listening
Chinese with listening test contains 85 questions which measure your ability in listening comprehension, usage and reading comprehension.

The Spanish test contains 85 questions. Test material equally covers vocabulary and structure, paragraph completion and reading comprehension

This test contains 85 questions which gauge your understanding of vocabulary in context, structure and reading comprehension.

French with Listening
The French with Listening test includes about 20 minutes of listening questions and 40 min of reading comprehension questions. The listening section contains pictures, short dialogues and long dialogues. The rest of the test covers vocabulary, structure and reading comprehension.

This test contains 80 to 85 questions which measure reading ability only.

German with Listening
The German w/Listening features a 20-min listening sections, including long and short dialogues. There is also a 40-min section that covers vocabulary in context, structure in context and reading comprehension.

Modern Hebrew
This test contains 85 questions that measure your reading comprehension skills, ability to understand vocabulary in context and knowledge of structure and context.

This test contains 80 to 85 questions. To do well, you must understand vocabulary in context, successfully answer fill-in-the blank questions and demonstrate good reading comprehension.

Japanese with Listening
This test contains 80 to 85 questions and covers listening comprehension, usage and reading comprehension.

Korean with Listening
This test contains 80 to 85 questions and includes a 20-min usage section and a 40-min reading comprehension section.

This test contains 70 to 75 questions. About 65% of the test measures your translation ability, 5% covers derivatives and roughly 30% covers grammar and syntax.

Spanish with Listening
This test features 85 questions, including a 20-min listening section and a 40-min reading section

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