SAT Subject Tests


The SAT Subject Tests offer you an additional opportunity to show colleges what you know and what you know you can do. Many colleges use the SAT Subject Tests for admission, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection.


All of the SAT Subject tests are 1-hr long, multiple choice tests. Scores are reported on a scale like the SAT I (Reasoning Test) categories 200 to 800. Scores are also converted to percentiles based on the scores from all students that took the test: for example the top 1% of the test takers will become the 99th percentile; if you are on the top 25% of those that take the test then you will be in the 75th percentile. Sometimes schools compare your results on a national basis and others on a regional basis.


Subject tests are offered at the same time as the SAT Reasoning Tests except for the March test date, when there is no subject test offered. However, a student cannot take both the SAT I (Reasoning Test) and the Subject Tests at the same time. It is best if students take the Subject Tests soon after they have completed the course so that it is freshest in their minds. A good rule of thumb is to take the Subject Tests that are strong subjects for the student and hopefully related to the field of study that they are considering. For example a political science major might want to take a subject test in History, a STEM student might want to consider taking Math I or II along with a Biology/Physics/Chemistry Subject Test. Always think about how the performance on these tests will present the admission officers a different dimension that was not presented by the SAT or ACT tests.

Students can take anywhere from 1 to 3 Subject Tests per test date. Most colleges will require students to take 2 to 3 Subject Tests for admissions purposes. Score Choice is available for students to select which scores they want to send to colleges, in accordance with that institutes stated Score Choice policy. Students should still feel comfortable sending all scores, since most colleges consider a student’s best scores. While some colleges specify the SAT Subject Tests that they require for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take.


Our students do extremely well with subject tests with most scoring above 700. With actual conditions practice tests, unique strategies and extensive curriculum, Axios is your best bet for scoring well on SAT Subject Tests. Give us a call at 412-833-6060

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