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Are you looking for standardized test preparation – SAT, ACT for your student? Then look no further. Axios provides:


Scores that get you noticed and skills that last a lifetime. Axios provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful test preparation regimen, taught by our professional instructors. The results speak for themselves. No one does test prep better than Axios.

We expect to see result gains of 100-300 points on the current SAT, 3-6 score point improvement on the ACT. Last year alone, we had handful of our students who improved their scores by more than 500 points on the SAT and between 8-11 points on the ACT.

 Test preparation at AXIOS and Your Return on Investment

Evaluating and selecting which program is best for your child should not just be a factor of low cost and endless hours of preparation.

Evaluating and selecting which program is best for your child should not just be a factor of low cost and endless hours of preparation.

Quantity does not translate into quality. Nor should it be based on whether the tutor scored in the top percentile. Scoring high on the test and coaching someone else to perform well are very different skill sets.

At Axios, we look for the most optimal path to success as defined by YOUR goals. We invest in teachers who have years of test prep expertise and know how to teach.

The result is high quality instruction in the fewest number of hours.

At Axios we do not do Flip Flops – between the SAT and ACT 

 95% of our students achieve the scores they were targeting for the test that we identified as the one they would be more successful at – SAT or ACT.

Our evaluation of whether the SAT or ACT is better suited for a particular student has definite value for families:

  • Time, effort and money “chasing” the wrong test are not lost.
  • Our testing schedule is specifically designed so that students have a healthy balance between test prep, academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Plus, the summer before their senior year can be a great jumpstart to the college application process.

 We DO NOT subscribe to the following:

  • Students should take both tests, as many times as possible, and finally submit their best scores.
  • Students can wait until spring of their junior year to sit for these tests.
  • Taking PSAT’s in their junior year is A MUST for everyone.


Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events

  • Diagnostic Testing April (4/28/18)
  • Diagnostic Testing May (5/5/18)
  • Saturday Diagnostic Testing (5/5/18)
  • Diagnostic Testing May (5/12/18)

Every Saturday at 8:30am. Pre-registration required. Call or email.

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